About this website

Dear Friends,

I used to be an angry, bitter, fearful person prone to complaining and bitching about life. That was if you really got to know me. But I know how annoying it is to be around people who always bitch and complain, so I was mostly a pretty positive person to people. Easy to laugh and joke around with. And nice.

But if you got to know me really well, you’d hear how much my sarcasm touched on true meanness. How my niceness was trying to cover my judgments. My self depreciating jokes tried to cover for my lack of confidence. 

Not many people got to know me really well. I wouldn’t want them to, actually. Because after a while, when there’s no more jokes, or small talk….there’s only real talk and then all my fears would start seeping through in the form of anger and worry and complaining. 

But it’s all wounds, you realize. All that fear and bitterness and anger. Just defense mechanisms and a whole big lack of compassion for myself.

I’m on the mend from that kind of living and I’m writing about it.

I think being vulnerable and self compassionate is important work, and I’m excited about the technology that allows us to create a global community of people on the mend from their own self sabotaging ways. I’m looking for my tribe to join me in talking about these issues! 

Take a look at what I’m writing about in my Blog. Get to know more about what I’m passionate about. And be sure to drop me a note to give me feedback. Are you my tribe?


P.S. I am not a medical doctor, a psychologist, a spiritual guru, or an English major. I am not an internet marketer, a social media maven, or selling anything (Yet. I do plan on writing a book, though, stay tuned!) 

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